Answer Like A Good Witness

Good Tips for Witnesses-Don’t over answer by Personal Injury Attorneys

9. Tips For Witnesses (part #4)

Only answer the questions directed towards you; after the answer is answered then stop.

First of all, to be a witness it it important to know what each question entails. Attorneys can be tricky and they may ask two different questions and tie them together as if they were just one. When that is the case, then it would be incorrect if you were to only answer the last part of the question. Other attorneys might say something is incorrect as a statement, and then ask the question to the witness again. It is important to listen well to the questions that are asked before beginning to answer the question. It is important to recognize that you do have a right to say that you do not understand the question or that you cannot answer the question because of the wording.

Stop Talking As Soon As You Can:

The jury is not interested in hearing every detail about the subject.

The jury is only interested in the direct answer to the question.

10. Speak With Confidence.

It is very important to speak with confidence because everyone is waiting to listen to you. If they cannot hear you then you are not believable. Speak up loudly because many people believe things when they are said with conviction and with force.

Most people do not believe others who do not speak up loud enough to be heard. A good way to know that you are speaking loud enough is to look at the wall that is directly behind the attorney who is posing the question. Instead of answering toward the attorney, answer directly to the wall. If you want to be believed then speak loudly! Speak with force and energy.


Speak slowly and listen to all questions.

Only give an answer to the direct question posed and then stop.

Speak with confidence.

Do not lie.

Maintain short answers. Never give up the opportunity to stop talking.

The Five Parts To Answering Questions:

1.A listen to the question.

2. Wait for the lawyer to finish.

3. After the attorney has finished, stop to think what was the actual question. If the question was not understandable then say that.

4. Decide what is the actual answer to the question.

5. Answer the question.

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