Handling Claims

To begin handling claims adjusters have to discuss their cases with each other and their supervisors. Some cases have to be discussed more in depth but not every file gets complete attention. Once the adjuster says that the claim is being discussed with a committee they are just talking about the adjuster and a supervisor. Due to adjusters handling silly nonsense cases to complete catastrophic cases they are impressed more with hard numbers and how much the medical bills end up being, how many physical therapy treatments, and how much loss of income that is supported by doctor’s notes. When the case is finally complete and ready for settlement the insurance adjuster needs to get authority from a supervisor or a claims manager. When working with large national companies the authority is given in small increments. When an adjuster with the large national companies tells you they need to move a large amount of money it ends up most often being true. During the negotiation process of a settlement the adjuster spends more time on a file than few minutes. Only if the claim seems to be difficult to work with they spend even more time, but usually adjusters do not have a great deal of time to review their cases on a daily basis.

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