Know How to Maintain Pedestrian Safety from a Charlotte Personal Injury Lawyer

Walking is definitely one of the healthiest habits and is often recommended by the doctors. However, if the pedestrians are not careful enough, they might meet with an accident and hurt themselves. Such unfortunate incidents have become very common in Charlotte and other areas of North Carolina, mostly due to reckless driving, uneven roads and adverse weather conditions. If you face such an unfortunate predicament, you should immediately get in touch with a Charlotte personal injury lawyer.

But it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So, before taking a stroll in the neighborhood next time, keep the following pedestrian safety tips in mind.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

  • Stay Aware
  • Most of you might have the habit of listening to music or texting on the phone while taking a walk or crossing the road. Do you know this is the most common reason of fatal injuries? Because when you are distracted you cannot hear an approaching car or a honking horn. So, you must pay attention to your surroundings. Look around and try to listen to what is happening around you.

  • Wear Proper Clothing
  • Visibility of the drivers is often impeded during the night or during rainy and stormy weather. In such a scenario, you should wear bright clothing that makes you more visible. Try to wear reflective jackets, hats or a pair of shoes so that you stand out. Dark colors blend you with the surrounding and increase your chances of being hit.

  • Obey the Law
  • Traffic rules have been inculcated to protect you from danger. Therefore, obeying the rules is every pedestrian’s duty and responsibility. Always cross at crosswalks; never cross when the light is red, and wait for the next light when the countdown crosswalk starts. Avoid walking on the main road if there is a sidewalk available.

  • Follow Crosswalk Etiquette
  • If you really want to avert the situation where a personal injury lawyer is necessary, you should follow the basic crosswalk etiquette. Look both ways before crossing and wait until all the cars have stopped. Push the button to activate an overhead crossing light before you cross in case it is already not activated. Otherwise, you can also extend your arm in the direction you are crossing to convey your intention. Never run in the crosswalk but move at a steady pace so that you are out of the crosswalk before the light turns green again.

Charlotte Personal Injury Lawyer

If you know someone who has experienced injury or a wrongful death due to other drivers’ negligence or disregard for traffic laws, you can contact the law office of Charles G. Monnett III & Associates. We are equipped to handle the most complicated legal and insurance issues and guide you through your possible options. We will visit the accident site if required, and work with expert witnesses to prepare a strong case for your recovery.

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