Nursing Home Abuse Defense

Defenses for Nursing Home Abuse & looking for a personal injury lawyer

There are a few defenses that are often used when nursing home abuse is suspected. One of those defenses is that old people simply get sick, then they die.

A general nursing home abuse case involves the defendant and any witnesses. They will try to explain to the jury that through life, there are times when someone gets sick enough to the point that they die or that older people die because of their age. Another idea that they will try to explain is that there are several people in nursing homes who will die without any kind of abuse.

The plaintiff will need to try to discredit these statements by making it known that some patients don’t want to die just because they get sick. Some patients want to get better and receive the proper care needed. Defenses must be presented by experts for the plaintiff during testimony and can be presented during the closing statements.

The plaintiff needs to be able to make the point that the nursing home resident would have lived longer if it wasn’t for the abuse of the nursing staff. All evidence needs to be investigated and presented that shows the client’s demise as a result of the abuse received.

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